We all have heard about the hues and cries regarding global warming, climate change, ozone layer depletion and other environment related issues. There are many contrasting and conflicting opinions about it. Some scientists claim that global warming is only natural and it is nothing to be afraid of while other with more sincerity foretell a grave future, if our ways are not mended.

Whenever the issue of global warming comes up, carbon dioxide concentration and emission is always taken up and big businesses and automobile industries are always targeted. Why is it so? Even if they are related, should you be concerned? Or more… Should you do anything regarding it?

Well, the answer is not very simple. It is a complex and a complicated one but sure, a comprehensible one and convincing too!

Global warming is caused by a number of factors but the most blatant and glaring cause is that of the increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide, methane, ammonia and other ‘Green House Gases’. These gases in the atmosphere absorb the outgoing radiation from the earth, which heats the atmosphere and the world. The effects of this can be dangerous as it can sink many islands and low lying areas of the world.

Modus Operandi Of Global Warming

Every object expands when heated. Even rigid metals expand due to heating and they need not even melt to expand. Our earth contains more than three quarters of water. Water expands with heating. Now, as the atmospheric gases heats up the atmosphere that heat is slowly transferred into the oceans and seas as they are of relatively lesser temperature. With continuous heating of the oceans, the water expands increasing the volume of the water. Due to the enormity of the size of the oceans, even a minimum expansion can cause a huge change in the volume. This results in increase of the sea level by metres. Moreover, the glaciers and ice caps will also melt and thereby causing increase in mean sea level.

This increase in sea level translates to many submerged areas and islands. A Water World!

Well, these are all too huge for any one person or a firm to control, so why should you be concerned and why you should conserve energy?

Be the change that you wish to see in the world! – Mahatma Gandhi.

One person cannot solve the global issues but the global issues cannot be solved even if one person is not involved. You might not be the complete puzzle but you are an integral part of this global puzzle and without you the puzzle will never be solved!

Anyway, Global warming is only one part of the story and there are other reasons for you to start conserving energy!

  • Firstly, energy conservation is a form of earning! You save the energy from getting wasted and this energy can be used at a later time. Not consuming something gives rise to the opportunity of a delayed and better usage. According to the age old adage, a penny saved is a penny gained. That is an amount of energy/power that you conserve is a gain to your firm/organisation. This can increase the profitability of your business as it becomes more lean and agile.
  • Secondly, energy conservation reduces the utility bills and upkeep costs for a lot of other players too! In a modern liberal society, all products and services are priced according to the market forces. A rise in the market demand increases the price while it reduces with a fall in the demand. So, whenever you consume electricity and other power sources, more than what is required, you end up increasing the demand for such services. This additional demand in the industry immediately corresponds with a proportional or even disproportionate price rise. Again, this means that your organisation is going to spend more on your energy needs. In short, saving the energy can be beneficial to you on many levels.
  • Thirdly, energy conservation will send across an important message to your customers and business partners – You are ecologically responsible. This important message increases the value of your brand in the eyes of other businesses and customers. This is a positive step and will open a new set of people to your business. Many leading organisations, take pride in being ecologically responsible and you too can! Always remember that The world has enough for everyone’s needs but not for everyone’s greed! – Mahatma Gandhi.

Now, that the importance of energy conservation in your business is established, let us see how to actually make it intrinsic in your business process.

  • Reduce the air-conditioning needs – Air conditioning is one of the largest constituent of the utility bills. This one simple thing can greatly help you to energy conservation. Use natural ventilation to your advantage. Leave the windows open on a cool day and switch of the AC. If the day is sunny, reduce the usage of artificial lighting and use coolers instead of large centralized air conditioners.
  • Change to energy saving lighting – Lighting is the second largest contributor to utility bills in households and offices. Usage of age-old technologies like incandescent bulbs, tube lights are highly inefficient use of electricity. The new CFL bulbs are relatively better when it comes to the efficiency but the latest LED lights are far better and by far, has the most efficient use of electricity. It is very easy to shift from the conventional bulbs. LED bulbs were very costly in the past but recent innovations has made it very much within the affordable range. Moreover, the amount of money that you can save by reducing electricity consumption itself will pay for the cost of these bulbs in the long run. Use very few LED lights in least required places and use LED candle lights for office decoration.
  • Reduce carbon foot print – Carbon di oxide is create in almost all industrial processes and even in places where it is not produced but where power is utilised, the power generation process emits carbon di oxide. So, when you reduce the usage of excess packaging materials, unnecessary labels and paper from your products, it will reduce your carbon foot print.
  • Use solar power for your office – Solar power is easy to tap and available in plenty in most parts of the country. Solar power enables you to be less dependent on the grid power. Using solar power needs certain modifications like usage of highly energy efficient products like new fans, inverter air conditioners, LED lights, LED panels etc. These innovations reduce the power consumption and makes it possible to run them on the battery packs charged by solar power.