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TGPS Solution 

Thai Green Power Solution Co Ltd, (TGPS) will be one of Asia’s leading renewable energy company providing low-carbon energy solutions to Governmental, Institutional, Industrial and Commercial clients. TGPS will provide clean energy to its clients by setting up rooftop, ground mounted, Group Capital, large scale on-site solar projects and off-site solar farms. 

Solar Installations to Government Projects

TGPS would be a qualified competitor in participating Government Tendered projects for providing a cost effective renewable energy solution to the public at large with quality product, workmanship and after sale service.

Industrial Solar Installations

TGPS takes care of providing sufficient Clean Energy for all types of heavy, medium and small Industries depending on their power requirements.  The Solar plants can be provided as Ground or Rooftop mounted and can also be provided on Power trading basis, depending on Governmental Policies in place.

Solar for Commercial Buildings

Renewable Solar power support can be provided to the commercial complexes, hotels, institutions, religious and touristic centers, both on built & owned or on Power trading basis.

Residential & Community Solar Micro Grids

TGPS is specialized in providing renewal solar power installations to individual residences, apartments and Communities on very competitive pricing to meet the residents energy requirements.

Solar Powered Agro Farms

Agriculture being the backbone of any thriving society, TGPS has very competitive standardized solutions of providing the Solar powered Water pumping solutions to our nations Farming communities.