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Global strategic alliances offer incredible new opportunities for businesses of any size. Companies with shared Goals form the best partners in promoting their Vision globally.  TGPS recognizes that such collective branding allows each other’s resources to maximize the reach of their vision and mission.

Therefore, in order to achieve the declared Goals faster, to expand the customer bases wider. To achieve a greater level of innovation, to emphasize a positive brand image, to ease the financial burdens, to improve the international supply chain movements and to expand the networking opportunities, TGPS has signed up agreements with our below international partners

Transcendent Energy Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Tamilnadu, INDIA

Established in the year 2020, TETS Pvt. Ltd., India is an 100% Renewable Energy promoting company having its headquarters at Chennai, Tamilnadu State, India.

With their unique business concepts and declared Vision of 10 MegaWatt by year 2030, they have a varied numbers of business verticals, starting from Energy generation (through Solar) till its contactless distribution.

TETS Pvt. Ltd., has adopted the futuristic IT Technology and have built their entire business operations on Block Chain platforms to have a transparent tech driven energy business.

TGPS is proud to associate with such a company sharing the common Vision and Enthusiasm in contributing and building a Greener Tomorrow for our future generations

Savilanka Global Private Limited, Colombo, SRILANKA

With a Vision to be the best renewable energy solution provider in Srilanka towards a sustainable social, economic and ecological development for our future human race, Savilanka Global Pvt. Ltd., was formed in the year 2019.

Savilanka being a leading provider for PV module and smart energy solution in Sri Lanka, they deliver PV products, applications and services to promote global sustainable development. Through constant future orientation, they continue to expand the Solar industry forward by creating greater grid parity of solar power and popularizing renewable energy.

TGPS Vision and Mission have both perfectly align with Savilanka Global Pvt Limited’s mission which can certainly help to boost our Nations renewable energy development for the benefit of all of both the countries society at large.