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Welcome To Thai Green Power Solution Co., Ltd.

Thai Green Power Solution Co Ltd has been established in the year 2022, with a futuristic Vision of building a Greener Thailand where the future Thai generation to have their rightful place to live and thrive in a Carbon Free environment. We have embarked this patriotic journey with a strategic goal of providing a self sufficiency in our nation’s Power consumption without brining any harm to the atmosphere.

Our goal is to achieve a Greener Thai encompassing the International Community’s vision of reducing the Global Warming to the prescribed level for a greater cause of Better World on the basis of UN Declaration.

In this auspicious journey, we, Thai Green Power Solution Co Ltd., would always have our Nation’s growth as a prime factor through which the Company would strive to enhance its Global responsibilities.

At a glance


Team Strength

3000+ HA

Mangroves Afforested

4.4 + M

Trees Planted

3.4 MN

Team Strength

Vision Statement

  • Building a Greener Thailand
  • A Greener Thailand is a Greater Thailand
  • Building a Carbon Free Thailand

Mission Statement:

TGPS strives to build a Greener Thailand through sustainable energy from carbon free renewable re-sources



As a company, TGPS provides solar power to its clients of various categories, so it is very important for us to responsibily provide our customers with an excellent all-round services


TGPS is all its stages of operations would emphasize and exercise the integrity which is an essential part of our business to our customers, business partners and employees.


TGPS treats reliability as a priority as our Customers are paying for our solar equipments and services, we make them feel that it’s a reliable deal that the company would provide dependable products backing up with quality maintenance and repair services, when required


Providing quality products and services is very important for TGPS to stay alive and competitive.  We determine the overall quality by number of other factors like reliability, customer service and the sheer quality of the product itself.


TGPS would keep creating more effective processes, products, and ideas so that these would act as our catalyst that can make our marketplace ever adapted with ever changing and growing markets.

Customer Satisfaction

TGPS would strive to get closer to our Customers in telling them what they would need, even before they realize it themselves to achieve their complete satisfaction