Gone are the days, when people thought that LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes can only be used as indicators in circuits that shows the status of any variable in a circuit. In the earlier days, LEDs were used in lights, computers, speakers, music players etc., as an indicator of the level of power, volume or speed or any other miscellaneous quantity. However, the usage of LEDs got widened in the recent past and with the innovations in the LED technology, these bulbs are progressively being used in many areas. The scope for using the LEDs is ever expanding and you need not want to be left behind.

LEDs in Domestic and Industrial Lighting

Domestic lighting needs is one of the most important contributor to the global warming and there is no way of reducing it. However, we are close to a solution with the introduction of these highly efficient LED bulbs. Modern LED bulbs, LED panels, LED flood lights, LED ceiling lights etc., are a lot more lighter and easier to use than the conventional models and designs. Moreover, these lights are highly energy efficient and provide better lighting per unit of electricity.

With support from many sides including governments and other regulators, LED lights are getting more traction and support from the public, thereby we are looking at a tipping point in the evolution of this technology. Additionally LED lights work out to be lot cheaper in the long run as they have relatively longer life and lower power consumption. Hence the replacement cost of these lights also turn out to be very low.

LEDs in digital displays and televisions

Gone are Cathode Ray Tubes and Liquid Crystal Displays. Today, the world is reckoning the advent of newer and better LED displays that is revolutionising the digital imaging and visual industry. Years before TVs had to be bulky and it takes times to light up the screen. These days, you can switch on the screens within a fraction of a second and start watching the programmes. Moreover, the clarity and the image quality of the LED displays and televisions are stunning. The colour reproduction of these displays is also very high that gives a near perfect image that looks stunningly real.

The LED displays can have a very high resolution of images and videos thereby providing superior quality of visuals. The true HD display and the newer 4K display are all achieved through the usage of LED technology. These displays consume very less power when compared with the conventional CRT displays. LED displays are also lighter, smaller and hence easier to carry around. The OLED technology is also revolutionising the displays and these can be curved, adding an additional dimension to the visuals.

LEDs in street lighting

From the beginning of the previous century, electrification is being carried out by many countries but still a considerable part of the world is yet to reap the benefits of electrification. Many of the remote places in the country is yet to be connected to the power grid and this is a highly time consuming and laborious process, apart from being a costly one. However, the safety of people in these regions cannot be put on hold up to that time. Proper street lights and basic lightings in the houses are very important. With the advent of energy efficient LEDs, that has become possible.

LED panels and LED street lights are being installed in remote places with a working solar power unit. These self-powered units can automatically switch on in the evening, by the time of the sunset and then switch off by the time of the sunrise. Moreover, these use very miniscule amount of energy and hence they can be used as lights inside the houses also. The rural lifestyle is also like that, that the people get to bed early in the night. So, the need for the continuous lighting in the night if any is also very less. These solar powered LED street lights are making positive changes in the lives of many rural dwellers.

LEDs in advertisements boards and large screens

Advertising is an important part of every business and the advertisement boards and screens are almost omnipresent these days. The advertisement boards of yesteryears were ordinary boards in which the artisans had to paint. This consumed a lot of time and man hours of work. So the industry adopted the usage of polyvinyl stickers and flux boards. These new poly vinyl material made it easier to print them and paste them in the prime locations. With the passage of time, this process resulted in the creation of a huge amount of wastes, as the stickers cannot be reused.

Advent of large LED boards has solved this problem. Today, the same digital LED display can be used to transmit a huge number of advertisements and all of these can be easily done with a small change in the programming. It can also be used to show different messages at different times of the day. While this has revolutionised the advertisement industry, the large LED screens have changed the entertainment industry forever.

Large LED screens are being used to live telecast sporting events and other important events live at crowded places. This is changing the whole landscape of the entertainment industry and it provides newer options for people looking to experience and enjoy these sporting events.

In the recent times, many political parties in the country are using these large LED screens to raise awareness about their parties and use them in the election campaign processes. As we see, the usage of the LED technology is only limited by our imagination.

Do you think of any new use for LEDs? Do let us know!